Tekna Climacare is a professional line of products designed for the disinfection of air conditioning systems, heat pumps, ducts, filters, indoor and outdoor units, able to prevent and eliminate the formation of fungi, mould and bacteria.

Our disinfectant formulas are active on LEGIONELLA and are made to guarantee the disinfection and cleaning of all the components of large industrial plants, both professional and domestic ones.

It is very important to keep grids, filters and ducts clean and disinfected, not only to ensure good air quality, but also to maximize energy savings by lowering consumption.

The packaging of our products is made with recyclable materials and many vegetable components. The whole production chain is carried out in a sustainable way without waste, thanks to the energy produced by our photovoltaic system (Italian Minimum Environmental Criteria – CAM).

All the disinfectants of our line are:

  • Biocide.
  • Active against Legionella.
  • Pleasantly scented.