TEKNA PROFESSIONAL CLEANING Line has been the first line created specifically to answer to a request by the FOOD INDUSTRIES and RESTAURANTS market and, more generally, for the entire HO.RE.CA. and for every need related to the HACCP system.
For this sector and, of course, for the Professional cleaning sector, there is certainly a good offer of detergent products, even of excellence, but often these products are simple detergents that do not eliminate the presence of pathogens which are now
increasingly resistant.
For this reason they do not guarantee the correct level of hygiene linked to the elimination of microbial loads.
Our TEKNA PROFESSIONAL CLEANING Line is able to satisfy both needs through a complete offer of specific products. Our object is giving the best response to every need for cleaning and disinfection at the same time.

After the inauguration of the TEKNA PROFESSIONAL CLEANING Line, we designed the TEKNA CLIMACARE Line: professional products for the disinfection of air conditioning systems, including heat pumps, filters, ducts, indoor and outdoor units.
All the disinfectant products of this line eliminate Legionella bacteria.

In conclusion we can declare that TEKNA PROFESSIONAL CLEANING AND TEKNA CLIMACARE are two complete lines of products that not only have a high cleaning power, but guarantee a maximum disinfection at the same time!